Crisis Overload - August 3, 2011








• US Debt debate
• Economy continues to slide
• Manufacturing output lowest in 2 years
• Jobs continue to slide with banks layoff 10’s of thousands more. One bank laid off over 30,000 people.
• Basic staples continue to go up in price
• European debt crisis getting worse with Italy and Spain teetering on the brink of default.
• Combine the US banks exposure with the European debt crisis and you have the setup for another panic that will dwarf the 2008 crisis.
• 6.0+ earthquakes now happening everyday somewhere in the world and increased volcanic activity – this is the same pattern that led up the 9.0 earthquake in Japan-  March of this year.
• With all these events happening at the same time it’s no wonder that people are feeling the CRISIS OVERLOAD!
• … And to top it all off the future events that our Higher Intelligence Source is predicting will happen over the next several months make all these events that have already happened look small.

Quite honesty all this makes us sit back and say ‘whoah’ as we see…

1. The biggest swings in the markets are yet to come
2. Political manipulations that are designed to distract and program citizens to think a predictable way
3. Weather and earth changes affecting everyone
4. Terrorist attacks
5. Environmental disruptions
6. Humanity acting unpredictably
7. Where not to live and prepare for your health and safety

CR News Reports©

These are predictions that are not that far off, both short-term and long-term – so putting this information in your “information bank” is like what having money in the bank used to make you feel like. Like saving for a rainy day, having this information ahead of time will work to limit your “rainy days.” Don’t get caught broke…i.e. without an information account… when you plan, you’re preparing for the future so you don’t get caught off-guard by it. When you don’t plan you allow the future push you around. Don’t prepare and you are setting yourself up to be a victim of events instead of the creator of your destiny. 

This is why we produce the CR News Reports© where you get these predictions before they happen so you can be prepared for the future and not scared of it. Some people say they can’t do anything to prepare because they don’t have anything. That’s not true… you can buy a lot of bulk food for $100. You can take the cash in your bank account that is your cushion and buy some silver or gold coins. For self-defense you can buy a spray can of wasp spray – it works much better than pepper spray, cost less and you can get it almost anywhere. And, don’t forget about the needs of your pets.

This is why we made this video… we understand how you feel. What you do today will affect you tomorrow! If you are not getting these predictions in their entirety, and you feel nervous now about the future, just think how bad you’ll feel when the future gets here and you didn’t heed the warnings you received in these survival news predictions.

There’s no need for you to just survive when you can thrive. It won’t be like in the past when you bought apple stock and because people are buying i-phones and i-pads you made money – NO, unfortunately, when the preparations you make from listening to these future predictions are paying off in double and triple digits – the world will be in great turmoil. That’s where the world is headed no matter what they tell you in the mainstream media. The world is going into super crisis over the next several years and beyond what most people are prepared for.  Will you be unprepared or well-prepared? The choice you make today will the difference. Get the all the news before it happens… BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Ray Holley & Linda Deir, managers and Intuitive Psychic mediums for the Channeled Readings, LLC project
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Crisis Overload 8-3-2011 video from Ray Holley & Linda Deir the Intuitive MediumTeam for the CR News Reports©. Where we are, where we're going and how to prepare for what's coming.

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