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The Journey and the Dream

Our Story

A book filled with tears and laughter
a true story about two people who loved,
and lost, and learned to love again.

Bob and Penny are eleven years older than when they wrote their first story. The Lord has blessed them abundantly during that time.
"God gives us an impossible task to fulfill, then sends Heavenly Angels and earthly one to make it happen. One of them is Mother Angelica - a light in the darkness. If ever I believed in Angels, and God's Mercy and sense of humor, I do now!"
You have asked for the twelve years that have passed, since Bob and Penny wrote the heart-rending story of their life, in 1988.
Rather than reprint "We Came Back to Jesus," they have written an entirely new book, incorporating the important events of the years included in their first book, into their new autobiography.
They have added the powerful twelve years' Journeys of Faith that the Lord has led them on, since then, to bring about His Will in their lives and in the life of the Church.
Learn about their Book Ministry, how the Television and Radio Ministry came to be, and their Lecture Series Ministry.
Read how the most exciting new Apostolate was given to them, the answer to their eleven years of Wandering in the Desert, The Holy Family Mission.

Highlights from this must read book!

Come Back to Me There’s a New World somewhere
God Sends Us on a Pilgrimage I’m for going on
Saints in Training Flowers of the Church
The End of the Beginning When I fall in Love
Our Cup Runneth over Wandering in the Desert
The Journey and the Dream

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