By Nancy Lee Bentley,
Wholistic Health Expert
Location Chicago suburbs
Expertise Your Full Circle Guide to
Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul Health
Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic Wholistic Health Expert, new thought leader, speaker, author and coach. A champion of sustainability, she has been sowing the seeds of personal and planetary health,... ... more

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Spinning Your Wheels? Shift into RECIRCLING For REAL

is Reusing, Revisiting, Reviewing..
Returning to What's REAL
and Remembering Who We Are

Almost everyone knows the fact that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  We were taught that one real early.  Only thing is, that applies well to geometry and math, but not necessarily when it comes to real life. 

What do I mean?  Well, just think about it for a minute... How many times have you seen the same thing coming up in your life again and again?  Like recurring problems or challenges. How many times have you said, "Gee, this is happening again? But I thought I dealt with this before!"

Or how about all the times you went through intense pain and suffering, only to observe or realize later that there was a golden nugget or gift of a lesson within that experience?

Everyone knows the word "recycling". Everything in nature  -- in our existence,   for that matter,--- circles or cycles in its flow,  Recircling is a new word, a new concept, a new pair of glasses or window through which we can, if we choose to look, begin to see the many patterns and truths, nuggets of wisdom that can help us grow and evolve as beings, that are often "hidden in plain sight".

Ready to Take a LOOK?

Feel like you’re “Spinning Your Wheels” with eating, weight, health, relationships, finances, spiritual issues? My own fulfillment comes in helping my clients and readers with recurring issues.

Not only with decreasing stress, waistlines and grocery bills, eating healthier for less and finding our own road map to health, but also in shifting and expanding our awareness to “re-view” and see things from a wider “body, mind, heart and soul” perspective.

This helps us to uncover those hidden-in-plain-sight clues, keys to unlocking our real potential:   true health and well-being, Remembering who we are.

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